happy new year! today, i come to you with a book review of amy carol reeves’ ripper. set in 1888 england, the book follows abbie sharp, a young girl whose mother has just died of disease, as she acclimates to life in kensington with her strict, snooty grandmother. she soon forced into working at whitechapel hospital, know for its treatment of prostitutes, in the east end, a much poorer district than where she lives.

as is with the title, jack the ripper starts killing patients of the hospital abbie works at, but there’s a twist to it. she can see the victims through the ripper’s eyes.

from there, a whole bunch of supernatural occurrences ensue mixed with some minor love triangle action with two of her coworkers, william and simon.

as the novel concludes, you’re left with a, although surprising, lackluster ending. now, on to my review.

i would have to give this story a no. i am a huge fan of murder mysteries and creepy occurrences in novels, but this work didn’t combine those two things effectively. whenever abbie experiences these visions i just rolled my eyes. although mysterious (and later connected), most of her visions added very little dramatic affect. in fact, they often muddled the events as the occurred.

another thing, the imagery of the chalice, usually found in the visions, was always poorly placed. it became very apparent what the significance of this object and to whom the significance was related to. i’m trying not to spoil anything, so forgive me if these next few sentences are a bit vague. with each mention of a chalice, the reader figures out the whole “mystery” of the novel immediately. i wish reeves thought more carefully about leaving a bit more in the dark, which would’ve lead to a grander reveal.

my biggest issue with this book was the love triangle! it was very obvious from the first few chapters that abbie would have awkward romantic encounters with the two rivaling men. the way reeves describes them is cringey at best. also, there’s zero build up to either of the relationships. so, when romantic encounters ensue (again, sorry for the ambiguity) they feel out of place and, frankly, unnecessary.

also, i’ve found out that this is the first of three books! but, i will obviously not be reading the rest of the series. if you can’t see my disdain for this book, let me give you one final reason. i just don’t like the writing and subject matter. obviously, this is my personal opinion and if this is your favorite book, i apologize. i picked up this book because i love me a good mystery, especially with an elusive serial killer featured, but this book failed to impress me.

i hope the next time i write to you all it will be a bit more positive. i won’t have much time to pleasure read in the near future, as i go back to school, but i hope to keep semi-active for this blog.

that’s it,

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appointment with death

guess what! i’m doing another book review! but, this isn’t just any book review. this is my thoughts on one of the books that the queen of mystery herself, agatha christie, wrote. appointment with death is about the mysterious death of one mrs. boynton, a terrible old woman who is hated by most everyone she meets. that coupled with a mysterious quote over heard by the famous detective, hercule poirot, which said, “you do see, don’t you, that she’s got to be killed?”

you find out later in the novel about her horrid ways, such as keeping her entire family essentially imprisoned, banning them from having any contact with people outside the family. you find out she’s a hateful, unloving woman,  who only has cruel intentions. so, christie sets up an interesting point, is it better that she died?

but, poirot puts that all to rest. he helps get to the bottom of what proves to be a seems to be natural death, uncovering a very unlikely culprit for the crime. what christie does is sets up the perfect crime. told from the perspectives of a guilty family and highly-observant outsiders, the reader is left second-guessing each presumption they had about the killing.

now, this book doesn’t even come close to my favorite christie novel, and then there were none, but it certainly is in the top ranks. let me add that she is my all-time favorite author, so i’ve read quite a few of her stories.

one thing i didn’t like about this particular novel was the reveal. it seemed a bit less lack-luster than what it was built up to be. now, i’m not going to reveal the killer, of course, but it seemed a bit too obscure and not hinted at enough. obviously, this is just my opinion so take it with a grain of salt!

that’s it for me! sorry if this review isn’t very through, as it’s hard to review a book that you can’t talk about at all.

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back at it again with another movie review! this is definitely a special treat for me, because i usually don’t get the chance to see many movies in theaters. the only reason i’m seeing so many recently is because i’m staying at my sister’s house.

without further ado, here’s my take on the ultra-popular ladybird. this movie follows the titular character through the trials of teenagerdom. when this movie first came out, my aunt told me to see it immediately. she knows that i got to private school, like ladybird, and thought that i would resonate with it even more than other kids my age. but, i couldn’t really go out and see it until now, so it’s been a journey to get here, honestly.

enough with this long-winded backstory, let me give you my thoughts.

first of all, can i say how in love i am with this cast. starting off, saoirse ronan aka ladybird is a force to be reckoned with. if the name sounds familiar, she’s been in brooklyn, which was nominated for three oscars, the host, atonement, and lovely bones (to name a few). but, what stands out in her performance in this film is just how relatable her character is. being a teenager myself, she beautifully portrays all the little nuances of being a teenage girl. from talking about the boy you like to awkward flirting, she does it all, despite not being a teenager anymore.

also, if you are going to see/ have already seen the film, watch out for rising star timothée chalamet, who plays kyle. though his role is small, he plays ladybird’s second boyfriend in the film, he’s still a shining star. i mean, besides his obvious talent, he is super swoon-worthy. i totally can see where ladybird is coming from with this one. i don’t know about you, but he can make an angsty, guitar-playing self-titled “anarchist” seem less obnoxious. yes, that may seem impossible, but he does it. also, he’s in another super buzz-worthy film called call me by your name which premiered in the united states on november 24.

along with these two amazing (and young) actors, ladybird is remarkable to me because of how complex all of ladybird’s relationships are. this isn’t just a mother-daughter movie, but a daughter-gay boyfriend and daughter-best friend and daughter-father movie. i love how greta gerwig, the director/screenwriter, showcases these relationships. any mother can see where ladybird is coming from, and the fact that it’s relatable to all ages is really unique.

now, on to something i didn’t love as much. i think this movie tries too hard to be a “coming of age movie”. it has way too many clichés to be alternative and new. yes, i appreciate the boy-crazy, strong-willed ladybird, but i wish she was a little less stereotypical in many ways. i feel as though i’ve this movie a dozen times already with its many parallels to the coming of age genre.

however, this didn’t taint my view on this movie. i still really enjoy a cheesy movie every now and then. again, what really made this movie was the amazing performances from saroise ronan and timothée chalamet. also, if you go see it while it’s still in theaters, then you’ll be supporting a female director(!!) which is always really awesome.

with that, i bid adieu.


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just one day

well, i haven’t done a book review in ages and i’m pretty sad about that. not just because of a lack of content on this site, but, also, because that means i haven’t been reading a lot of books. in fact, it took me ages to finish the book that i’m about to review. why? because i’ve been very distracted. whoops!

now, onto the review. gayle forman’s just one day follows the half whirlwind and half heartbreaking romance between strangers allyson and willem in paris one fateful summer day. as you can probably tell, i love ya romance novels. now, i have another one to add to my long list of loves.

what i love about this book is that it shows the aftermath. all too many times, the reader is left with a perfect ending. but, so what? they live happily ever after? so boring! forman takes that sentiment and shoves down the drain. a majority of this book isn’t about allyson and willem’s story, but about how allyson lives after their one day is over. it shows heartbreak: pure and unadulterated emptiness when separated from a loved one. this story is one of the more accurate tellings of teenage romance that i’ve seen.

my favorite character is hands-down willem. while i usually lean towards minor characters, (i have a thing about main character’s usual sense of entitlement) willem is just the right amount of imagination and reality. when the reader meets him, he isn’t himself, but a character in a offstage shakespeare play. yes, he plays a poor artist. but, just when you fall in love with him, he’s gone. he appears and disappears like he wasn’t even there in the first place. there is so much mystery in his character that makes me love him even more.

on another note, I’m so freaking excited to read the rest of this series! i love how forman is telling the same story from both perspectives, but full books. all i want to do right now is curl up with 200+ pages of willem’s thoughts and desires. but, alas, i have to wait until i get home to go to the library.

now, onto my usual soundtrack of the novel:

  1. love story by taylor swift
  2. feels like the first time by foreigner
  3. summertime sadness by lana del ray
  4. two ghosts by harry styles
  5. swimming pools by troye sivan

that list doesn’t do this book justice, but i was trying to go for a kind of young, short romance vibe? this book was hard to soundtrack, but had some pretty dope quotes. my favorite (as per usual) is below. however, the quote is actually from much ado about nothing and is in french. i’ll still translate it to english after.

la beauté est une enchanteresse, et la bonne foi qui s’expose à ses charmes se dissout en sang

which means: beauty is an enchantress, and the good faith that exposes itself to its charms dissolves into blood.

i am in love with this quote! i also feel like it adds another layer to the novel that not many other books have. it alludes to shakespeare and his (confusing) language of love.

with that, i’m going to leave you. i highly recommend this book, but then again, i am a sucker for books like this. so, if it’s not your thing, that’s cool too!

au revoir,

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a little update

in a glamorous, all-exciting turn of events, i’ve made a tumblr! this was actually a super intense decision for me because i know how large of a community tumblr is. i’m already afraid of how much time i’ll spend there. right now, it is very unfinished and i’m not entirely sure what i’m to be doing with it, but it’s out there in the world! if you wanna follow it, the address is

that’s all for today. actually, i might post a book review later so keep your eyes peeled for that!

goodbye for now,

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i’m sure you’ve all heard disney-pixar’s latest picture, coco. if you haven’t, look it up right now! better yet, buy yourself a ticket, because this movie is a masterpiece. if you’re unfamiliar with this film, (i.e if you’ve been living under a rock) it brings the day of the dead holiday to life in the world of miguel, a young boy who dreams of becoming a musician despite his family’s hatred of music.

i don’t want to delve too much into the story, as it’s way worth a watch and i don’t want to spoil anything. so, let me tell you the main reasons i love, love, love the movie.

first, i’m stoked that such an important mexican holiday is being portrayed on the big screen. we have endless movies about christmas, valentine’s day, and thanksgiving (i mean, have you seen gossip girl?) but not many on día de los muertos. also, the cast and crew is mainly latino, which is obviously so important when telling stories like this. far too many times, hollywood neglects the importance of portraying culture accurately. however, pixar allows this story to be both accurate and entertaining. it incorporates small traditions, like the ofrenda and calaveras aka sugar skulls, into the plot and gives unique backstories on them.

second, have you seen the graphics in this film? they are to die for. i’m not one to put pictures in my posts, (disregard photo diaries for a second) but just look at this animation. this movie is so visually gorgeous. this still is just one of many just beautiful scenes. the movie is so alive with rich color and animation. i mean, who knew that the land of the dead could be so alive?

third, the soundtrack is phenomenal. my two favorites are un poco loco and la llorona. the entire soundtrack is definitely worth a listen, but those two showcase the diversity within the movie. every single song is a bop and they are all so enchanting.

finally, i didn’t even realize this until i looked up the movie, but gael garcia bernal is in this movie! he is my favorite mexican actor, by far. the first movie i saw him in was motorcycle diaries, which came out in 2004, in my spanish class. it’s really awesome to see such a talented actor move up in the acting world.  what’s also super cool about him is that he has kind of shifted from mexican films to american ones, but continues to be super successful. his character, hector, was my favorite in the film, but bernal being the voice behind him makes me like him even more!

well, that’s it! it’s kind of hard to find things i didn’t like about this movie, so i’m going to leave you with this gushing (and probably really ranty) review.

signing off,

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where the hell have i been?

wow. okay. i’m sorry. it’s been too long! when i made this blog, i was hoping to keep a semi-regular schedule.  obviously, that didn’t happen. i know i don’t have a lot of followers, so i haven’t let too many people down, but, still, i feel very bad.

so, here’s an excuse. high school is hard!! i’m sure there are plenty of other things that are harder, but let’s not minimize each other’s struggles. in my defense, my private school curriculum is rigorous to say the least. i’m taking six classes, three of which are ap’s. i’m also yearbook editor, writing in the school newspaper, playing for the soccer team, and in the school musical.

but, none of that really matters. ready for a real zinger? my school burnt down!! no, i’m not kidding. all of the tech buildings, science buildings, and (of course) my dorms burnt to the ground. so, i haven’t really had much time to read or watch movies because i’ve kind of been repurchasing all my life’s possessions.

however, this doesn’t mean you won’t be seeing less of me. i’m officially on break and will have plenty of time to write. i hope i hold myself accountable. in efforts to do so, i’m giving you a list of blogs/reviews that i need to write.

  • ladybird
  • coco
  • just one day by gayle forman
  • photo diaries #2 (it’s a surprise)

okay, so now that’s out in the world. i’m going to go get “working.”


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